CT Scans in Charlbury, Oxfordshire

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ct scans

A CT Scan is an x-ray image of your teeth, jaws, and surrounding vital structures. It shows, in high resolution and unparallel detail, structures not visible with traditional X-rays. With a 3D CT scan, your dentist can assess your case, determine if you are suitable for dental implants, determine the quantity and quality of bone and whether bone grafting will be necessary and plan precisely where to place the implants. These scans make implant placement more efficient and predictable while dramatically reducing the time a patient spends in the dental chair.

Vital structures such as nerves and sinuses are precisely located to add a great measure of safety not offered with traditional X-rays and we can determine the proper treatment approach for each individual patient, including the correct implant type, size and position for optimal implant placement. 3D Imaging has become the standard of care for implant dentistry.

Why would I need a CT scan?

The CT scan is used to assess and plan your dental implant treatment accurately and safely enabling the dentist to:

  • To accurately evaluate bone tissues and provide the patient with an accurate diagnosis
  • Identify related structures e.g. nerves, sinuses and root tips
  • To present the patient with a 3D, visual image of the case and gather all the available information necessary
  • To plan the precise placement of implants prior to surgery
  • To ensure predictable, long-lasting results.

Is The Scan Comfortable?

Yes, CT scan is comfortable, hassle and pain-free as well as a very quick procedure! The patient is seated in an open area unlike an MRI scanner and the CT scanner moves around his head. The scan from start to finish takes about 20 seconds. The CT scan can be arranged in the same week or sooner depending on the availability of the appointment at the CT Scanning Centre in Oxford.

Is the CT scan safe?

CT scan is very safe! Cone beam technology emits very small amounts of radiation for the CT scan. In fact, the imaging requires less radiation than a traditional X-ray and the cone beam technology emits 80 to 100 times less radiation than a traditional medical CT scan of the same area.