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fee guide

General Terms

These fees are a guide. Fees are dependent on treatment complexity and time taken.

Treatment Plan

All treatment options are discussed in advance and the agreed treatment plan, including all costs involved are provided in writing. If your treatment plan requires advice or treatment from a specialist, your dentist will be happy to make a referral on your behalf and support you throughout this process.

NHS Fees

Fees for NHS treatments are set nationally and fall within three charge bands for who are not exempt from charges. For information about NHS treatment costs, including entitlement to help with NHS costs, visit the NHS Choices website at

Private Treatment Fees

Our fee structure has been carefully thought out to ensure it is transparent and fair. The fees represent and affordable level expected for a professional and thorough service.

Care from your Dentist Price
New patient consultation (30-40 minutes) to include screening and monitoring of the health of your teeth, existing dental work, your gums, and your soft tissues, and a screen for oral cancer. £80
Routine oral health check £37
X- rays Allows us to examine the areas between, inside and underneath your teeth - often essential for diagnosing the causes of pain or discomfort. £10 - £40
Amalgam fillings £70 - £170
White fillings £90 - £190
Root fillings £220 - £395
Crowns £480
Veneers £480
Bridges £480 per tooth
Extractions £90 - £150
Inlays/onlays From £480
Dentures (acrylic) From £490
Dentures (chrome cobalt) From £620
Dental implants From £2000
Dental implant consultation Complimentary
CT Scan for dental implant from £99
Sinus lift £900 - £1500
Bone grafting from £400
All-on-4 implants (Teeth In A Day) from £15,000
Cosmetic recontouring £120 - £300
Complex cosmetic work from £550 per tooth
Tooth whitening Both upper and lower teeth (together). £375
Jaw/bite related problems
New patient consultation
Diagnostic appliance
Definitive treatment

£220 - £750
Individual quotation, depending on needs
Care from your Hygienist Price
Scale and polish (removal of damaging deposits and stain on the teeth and under the gum margin). £37
Periodontal (gum) treatment where periodontal disease is active. £37 - £125 per visit
Smoker’s Makeover (intensive treatment removing the brown tar stains caused by smoking by the combination of ultrasonic cleaning, air jet and diamond polishing). £100
Other Services Price
Custom made protective sports gum shields from £55 (depending on sport involved and colours/ motifs chosen)
Charlbury Dental Practice’s Dental Care Scheme (per month)
You are first assessed and placed into a category (A – E) based on your existing dental condition and past dental work.
Code A
Code B
Code C
Code D
Code E


These fees exclude cosmetic treatments, laboratory fees and 50% of root canal treatment fees.

Laboratory fees are usually between £120.00 and £200.00.

Annual Care £9.58 (1 check-up and 1 hygienist treatment annually plus 5% discount on work done).

Primary Care £16.66 (2 check-ups and up to 2 hygienist treatments annually plus 5% discount on work done).

Extended Care £23.42 (2 check-ups and up to 4 hygienist treatments annually plus 5% discount on work done).

We offer £10, £20 and £50 KamCards to purchase as the perfect gift for a friend or loved one and can be used for private treatment or to buy items from our dental health shop such as electric toothbrushes.