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Charlbury Dental Practice
The Spendlove Centre, Enstone Road, Charlbury, Oxfordshire OX7 3PQ

membership plans

Charlbury Dental Practice’s Dental Care Plans enable you to budget so that you can continue to receive the best preventative and aesthetic care. Signing up to one of our membership plans helps to remove any worry that you may have about being able to afford dental treatment at critical times. Putting off necessary treatment or failing to take preventative measures so often results in more and bigger problems and so may be detrimental to your health and well-being.

Our plans are designed for patients who wish to:
  • Attend on a regular basis
  • Maintain excellent oral health throughout their life
  • Have peace of mind that the costs of their dental care are covered
Your benefits include:
  • A plan tailored to your particular needs
  • Cover for regular examinations and x-rays, and preventative care from our experienced hygienists
  • The option of cover for more comprehensive treatment needs
  • Payment by convenient monthly direct debit
  • Cover for emergency care when you are more than 15 miles away from the practice
  • Worldwide insurance cover for all dental damage arising from an accident
  • Worldwide access to a 24 hour dental emergency helpline

We recommend patients join our membership scheme as we find that patients who are in our dental plans have healthier mouths, attend more regularly and need less treatment over time.

Our basic Annual Care costs £9.35 per month (less than 32p per day). Other, more complex dental plans are available depending upon your dental needs.

See our full fee list.