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If you are suffering from severe dental pain, you have lost teeth in an accident or are experiencing uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth, you should call your dentist straight away.

An emergency dental appointment can provide you with the necessary dental care to potentially save teeth and relieve acute pain and discomfort at short notice.

During opening hours

If you have an acute dental emergency during opening hours, contact us on 01608 811 095 and we will aim to see you on the same day. When you call you should state that you would like an emergency appointment and explain your symptoms.  Your dentist will establish the cause of the pain and give appropriate treatment. If you require further treatment such as a crown or replacement teeth, we will explain the procedure and book your next appointment.

Knocked-out teeth

If a tooth has fallen out as a result of an impact or injury, calling the practice for a dental emergency could save the tooth.  Cracked or chipped teeth are not usually considered to be a dental emergency unless sharp fragments are lodged in your mouth or you are experiencing severe pain.

Infections or acute tooth pain

An acute tooth infection or abscess can be very painful and should be seen to as soon as possible. Serious infections can be potentially life-threatening without treatment.  If you have swelling in or around your mouth and are in pain, you should speak to your dentist immediately.


If you are experiencing uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth, you should also make a dental emergency appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible.

Private Patients – Weekend and Bank Holiday Cover

For private registered patients, Charlbury Dental Practice offers a weekend and bank holiday call-out service between 9 am and 5 pm for dental emergencies that cannot wait until we re-open. You may reach a dentist of this practice or if unavailable then another local dentist as part of a rota will see you.

Please phone the Practice on 01608 811 095 and listen to the answer machine for the appropriate phone number. If our clinicians are unavailable, please call 01865 238 438 and leave your name, number and a brief message and a local private dentist will contact you as soon as they become available.

If you are away from home in the UK and are a member of our Dental Care Plan but are unable to visit our practice, please call the dental helpline on 03003 035 061 during UK working hours, 0800 525 631 outside UK working hours, 0044 1747 820 841 Overseas for advice.

NHS Patients

Out-of-hours emergency care and advice can be accessed 24 hours a day via NHS Choices by calling 111. The NHS Choices website is at

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