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At the Charlbury Dental Practice, dental implants are our treatment of choice for missing teeth or loose dentures.

Dental implants can be life-changing, looking and feeling like natural teeth, restoring normal function and enhancing your smile and appearance.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are the closest replacements to your natural teeth. A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed carefully into the jawbone to act as an anchor to support one or more replacement teeth. It replaces the tooth root, gradually fusing with the jawbone. The dental implant then supports a custom-made dental crown that replaces the missing tooth. Implants can also be used to anchor dentures.

Are dental implants right for me?

When you’ve lost one or more teeth, there can be very often consequences including:

  • A ‘gappy’ or unattractive smile.
  • Eating difficulty and poor oral health.
  • Other teeth moving or becoming misaligned.
  • Potential atrophy of the jawbone.
  • Discomfort or embarrassment from loose dentures.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Dental implants frequently offer an effective, safe and predictable solution to the problems resulting from missing teeth.  Many patients having dental implants report an improved quality of life with benefits including:

  • Replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth.
  • Enhanced aesthetic appearance.
  • Improved eating comfort appetite and taste.
  • Reduced risk of jawbone bone atrophy or shrinkage.

Dental implants also reduce the risks of further dental health issues:

  • Reduce stress on existing teeth when eating.
  • Improve dental hygiene.
  • Reduced risk of jawbone bone atrophy or shrinkage.

What does a dental implant treatment involve?

Dental implants are usually completed in two phases after a thorough assessment, often involving X-rays and a CT scan to establish if your jawbone is suitable for an implant.

Phase 1: This is the actual placement process of the titanium implant. Under a local anaesthetic and using precise, gentle surgical techniques, single or multiple implants are secured into the jawbone.

The implants are then left for 3 to 6 months while the implant bonds with the bone by a process known as osseointegration. This process ensures a strong and solid foundation for new replacement teeth.  During this time, your dentist may recommend a temporary bridge or dentures for eating comfort and cosmetic reasons.

Phase 2: This involves creating and attaching the new tooth or teeth to the anchored implant(s) in your jaw. Dental implants can replace a single tooth, several teeth or complete dentures.

How successful is the treatment?

Dental implants are truly revolutionary, solving the issue of missing teeth safely and predictably. With proper diagnosis and planning, implants have a high success rate.

At the Charlbury Dental Practice, we are advanced practitioners of this dental technique and can replace a single or multiple lost teeth in one sitting. We use well-respected and trusted dental implant systems developed and produced by the leading manufacturers to meet your individual needs.

Implantology has proved to be a tried and tested, durable treatment and a long-lasting solution to embarrassment, discomfort or inconvenience caused by missing teeth or loose dentures.

Am I a suitable candidate for dental implants?

For optimum success, implants should be placed in a well maintained, healthy mouth. Any initial treatment to remedy this, maintenance advice and planning will be included in all treatment plans to achieve the ideal environment for implant placement.

You can have dental implants if the jaw is not growing anymore. Also, there has to be enough healthy bone in the jaw to allow for the secure and stable placement of the dental implant. Dental implants are not suitable for patients who have a history of gum disease, heavy alcohol consumption, smoking, or other medical related conditions such as diabetes or heavy clenching and grinding (bruxism). These may interfere with the integration of the implant and its long term success.

How long will my implants last?

Dental implants last for as long as you properly take care of them. Once your implants and surrounding soft tissues are seen to be healthy and your new teeth are comfortable and properly fitted, it will be the quality and upkeep of your home care and the regularity of your maintenance reviews that will effectively influence their longevity.

If dental implants are not properly cared for, they may develop a covering of deposits, just as your natural teeth would if you didn’t brush them regularly. Equally, just as neglect of natural teeth can lead to soreness, bleeding, gum infection and general discomfort, the same can occur with your implants.

Do implants need special aftercare?

As with natural teeth, dental implants and their replacement teeth require thorough and regular cleaning. Cleaning around implants is no more difficult than cleaning your natural teeth and we will strongly advise you to see the hygienist on a regular basis to maintain the healthy status of your implant and the rest of your teeth and gums.

When an oral and dental care routine is less effective, issues such as gum disease and infections around the implant can potentially result in bone loss, loosening and failure.

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